4 Tips – Good Traffic Solo Ads that Make sales

Good Traffic Solo Ads

4 Tips for Good Traffic Solo Ads that make sales

Hi there,
It´s Miguel here, EzCashLover Admin,

I did not wright for a wile, and the big reason is that i have been so busy promoting our newest venture… but everyone i speak with is having a little problem getting traffic that converts on the whatever they are offering. Good Traffic Solo Ads that make sales

So i decide to give you some great free advice on how to get some extremely good traffic solo ads… i guarantee that if you follow this tips that i am about to tell you, you will get results, you will get sales… i just ask you one thing… Share this article so more people can get more traffic… as more you give more you get…

So, are you Ready?

How to Good Traffic Solo Ads that make you sales…

Tip Number One:

This is free to Join and you will get you to meet the Top Solo Ads Vendors, its called Udimiyou can even get stats and much more. Register free here: Udimi

Tip Number Two:

This is Also free, and it will give you great stats, i am talking about facebook groups about solo ads, just go to facebook and look for solo ads reviews, you will find a load of groups providing you info about top vendors, By the way… like our facebook page wile you are there! 😉

Tip Number Three:

Use Solo Ads vendors that give you guarantees. For example i use a vendor that not just gives me my money back if i don´t like his service, but also guarantees his traffic is so good that i will make sales from it. So for me its a no brainier using this type of traffic… do you want to know who is my vendor that Guaranties sales?

Ok… i will reveal that to you in the End… but don´t just scroll down… what you are about to read will change the way you use this traffic… and will guarantee you will make even more sales… from that same traffic you get… See the next Tip and you will understand.

Tip Number Four – the Most important:

I have seen people doing this mistake over and over again… sending traffic from solo ads directly to a sales pages or directly to a capture page provided by the product creator… this means that maybe you will make a sale… but that is it… you will have no other chance to sell to that same traffic.
Maybe you already know what i am about to say, and maybe this does not apply to you, but it is happening and i see people doing this mistake every single day.
Have you heard the expression “the money is on the List” ? This is the Core Base of any business, if your List is Big, you will make big money. Knowing this, don´t use solo ads to make sales… use it to grow your list, and as bigger your list is, then bigger will be your income GUARANTEED.
Imagine you have only 1000 people on your list, and you send an email about something you have just joined and that you are really exited about, the probability of getting 1% interested and actually joining you is big, that would be 10 people on your team, from day one… now imagine you have a 10.000 list… the using the same percentage you would start with 100 people on your team… and so on… Hope you are getting the picture here.

So Before you contact anyone for a solo ad, make sure you will be getting that traffic to pass on your funnel (message me on Facebook if you don´t know how to create your funnel) so some will go on your list. From this list, you can provide value by send good info and tips, then sending good offers with good products… that way you can sell to the same people over and over again, but don´t just spam people with loads of offers, they will get saturated.

Now.. do you still want to know the vendor i use that guarantees me sales? This is Good Traffic from Solo Ads that make you sales… Please Remember to Share this page with your team… friends, so they can also grow and make more sales. The Vendor i use as been tested by thousands of people, see it on his own page, click here:  Martin´s Solo Ads

Hope you like these 4 tips, Sign up for more great tips i am always providing.

Take care, all the success for you.

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